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As a local insurance agency, we have a different responsibility to our customers than a carrier. If you ask a direct question, we have to offer a direct answer. Usually that involves some sort of documentation, or proof of what we are talking about. This is a list of many of the most commonly requested documents. Many of these are hard to find, so feel free to bookmark the page!

Vendors insisting that you need Workers Comp even if you have no employees?

Wikipedia page for Workers Comp has a lot of stuff on there that you never knew you needed to know

WCIRB is the final word in classifying the business fro Workers Comp (until the audit!)

DMV says you need to file proof of insurance?

Not sure if your carrier is going to stay in business?

Want to check wait times at the DMV?

The question of what happens if your home is damaged by a fire that was created by an earthquake?

Verify a contractor’s license?

The oh-so unpopular phrasing in CA law that prevents some owners from being excluded from Workers Comp

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